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Chengdu Zysen Technology Co., Ltd.

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Attenuator Coaxial/WG Fixed/Digital/Voltage

Termination Coaxial/WG

Power Dividers/Combiners

Coupler 0°/90°/180° Coaxial/WG

Filter bandpass/lowpass/highpass

Circulator Waveguide/Coaxial/Tab

Isolator Waveguide/Coaxial/Tab

PIN Diode Switch

Waveguide To Coaxial Adapter

Waveguide Connection Components

SMD Frequency Synthesizer

Power Limiter

Phase Shifter

Outdoor & Indoor Radio S

Products Keywords
H BendE BendCouplerRf CouplerRf DuplexerRf Diplexer3Db CouplerRf Isolator2-8GHz 4wayRadius BendCoaxial LoadRf Pin DiodeRf Triplexernotch filterBest LimiterPower DividerRf AttenuatorRf CirculatorRf Waveguides4 Way Divider90Degree BendRf Dummy LoadRF GSM FilterRf TerminationSynthesizer Rf90 Degree BendPower DividersHybrid CouplerSma Dummy LoadPlug in filterRf Filter BankWaveguide LoadTwist WaveguideCoaxial CouplerRf SynthesizersLow pass filter8way Pin SwitchPower Combinersbandstop filterBandpass FilterVoltage LimiterWR137 N adapterRf Power SwitchMini Synthesizer5G Radio OutdoorAll Outdoor UnitPin Diode SwitchH Bend Waveguide3GHz RF IsolatorCoaxial Isolator100MHz LC filterRf Power DividerDrop In IsolatorBest SynthesizerIsolator CoaxialFixed AttenuatorHigh Pass FilterE Bend WaveguideRf Phase ShifterCoaxial Duplexer14dBm RF LimiterRf Power Limiter8 Way Rf SplitterMicrowave CouplerLC plug in filterRf Power SplitterWR137 SMA adapter90 Hybrid Coupler3 Way Rf Splittervhf power dividerWR42 to K afapterRf Power CombinerRf Hybrid CouplerDiplexer CombinerDiplexer Duplexer10W RF Attenuator360 Phase ShifterRf Coaxial Switch40GHz 4way SwitchSynthesizer PriceWaveguide AdaptorMedium Power LoadWaveguide CouplerHigh Power SwitchCrossguide Coupler1MHz Power DividerRF Power Combiners180 Degree CouplerSwitch Filter Bank3Db Hybrid CouplerOnline Synthesizerlc bandpass filterStraight WaveguideRf Coaxial AdapterDigital AttenuatorVoltage AttenuatorTriplexer Combiner27GHz 2way Dividerband reject filterMicrowave IsolatorRf Low Pass FilterEnd Launch Adapter8Bit Phase ShifterIsolator Waveguide10W Waveguide Load6way Power DividerResistive CombinerMicrowave Duplexer6Bit Phase ShifterResistive SplitterWaveguide Diplexer4way Power DividerE H Waveguide BendCoaxial CirculatorDrop In CirculatorPin Diode Switches18GHz Dual CouplerAttenuator Coaxial18G low pass filter4 Way Power Divider4way Power SplitterWR15 Waveguide LoadVariable AttenuatorRf Bandpass Filters14dBm Power Limiter18GHz Power Divider40GHz Phase ShifterCoaxial Attenuators5 Bit Phase Shifter10dBm Power LimiterWR75 Waveguide LoadSSS Low Pass FilterRf High Pass FilterRf Fixed Attenuator3-Way Power DividerRF Coaxial Duplexer27GHz 2way Splitter3 Way Power Divider5 way power divider8 Way Power DividerRf Passive CombinerWaveguide IsolatorsMicrowave Triplexer3G/4G Base StationsReflective SwitchesCross Guide CouplerRf Band Pass FilterPin Diode Rf SwitchWR650 Wg CirculatorMicrowave Pin Diode18GHz Switch FilterLc Band Pass FilterAbsorptive SwitchesWR28 Waveguide LoadBroad Band Duplexer5G Microwave FilterModular SynthesizerMicrowave Waveguide2 Way Power Divider40GHz Power Divider2-8GHz Power DviderTermination CoaxialRf Load TerminationWR90 Waveguide Load2W Fixed Attenuator12Way Power Divider16Way Power Dividerpower divider priceRight Angle AdapterRF Coaxial IsolatorHigh Power Isolator40GHz Cavity FilterFM CMDA 5G Isolator90degree Miter BendCoaxial TerminationDouble Ridge AdapteSMA Highpass Filter4-way power dividerSPDT SP3T SP4T SP8t2-way power divider18GHz Hybrid Couplerlow frequency filterWideband 4way SwitchMicrowave CirculatorBend Rigid Waveguide90degree Radius BendLumped Power Divider40GHz Power SplitterFlex Twist WaveguideMicrowave RF LimiterMiter Bend WaveguideWaveguide Twist BendWaveguide CirculatorLow Band Pass FilterTransition Waveguide30dB Step Attenuator45degree Radius BendWaveguide Transition2 Way Power Splitter8way Power Combiners12 Way Power DividerRf Circulator Design3GHz Low Pass FilterWaveguide ComponentsWaveguide AttenuatorHigh Power Rf Switch2-8GHz Power Divider3-Way power splitter16 Way Power DividerIP Data TransmissionRf Splitter CombinerSwitched Filter BankWaveguide Dummy LoadWideband SynthesizerWR28 to 2.92 AdapterMicrowave AttenuatorDigital Rf Attenuator90 Degree Radius BendFrequency Synthesizer45 Degree Bend RadiusWaveguide Radius BendDiplexer And DuplexerSwitched Filter BanksRf Waveguide IsolatorTwo Way Power DividerRf Isolator WaveguideMicrowave Rf SwitchesRf Coaxial CirculatorHigh Frequency SwitchDigital Phase ShifterHigh Power AttenuatorSP8T Pin Diode Switch10GHz Highpass Filter13GHz Highpass FilterRF Wilkinson Splitter90MHz bandpass filter40GHz SP8T Pin Switch8Bit RF Phase Shifter20GHz Step AttenuatorRF Microwave Duplexer20 GHz Hybrid CouplerWide Band SP2T SwitchSP4T Pin Diode SwitchBi Diectional CouplerWideband Phase Shifterwaveguide WR15 adapterUltra Broadband FilterRf Circulator IsolatorReflective SP4T SwitchMicrowave Rf IsolatorsVariable Rf AttenuatorHigh Power Rf CombinerSMA N 2.92 TerminationWR42 waveguide adapterUltra Wide Band SwitchWr28 Waveguide AdapterAbsorptive Rf SwitchesPower Divider SplitterPower Divider CombinerWideband Power Divider100MHz bandpass filter40gHz 180degree HybridUltra Wide Band Hybrid150MHz bandpass filterWaveguide To N AdapterRf Directional CouplerCoax Connector AdapterDC3GHz Low Pass FilterMulti Band Pass Filter10GHz High Pass FilterCavity Bandpass FilterWR112 Fixed AttenuatorDC-18GHz Power Divider18GHz High Pass Filter1.2GHz High Pass FilterCoaxial Bandpass FilterDigital Step Attenuator4-way Resistive DividerCavity Band Pass FilterWR137 waveguide adpaterWaveguide Power DividerNarrow Band Pass FilterWilkinson Power DividerTunable Bandpass FilterWR90 Waveguide IsolatorC Band Waveguide FilterMicrowave Power DividerIsolator And CirculatorMillimeter Wave CouplerWR62 Waveguide IsolatorRF Microwave ComponentsRf Waveguide CirculatorResistive Power DividerWaveguide Cross Coupler2 8 16 Pin Diode Switch60dB Voltage AttenuatorLumped Element Combinerwaveguide 45degree Bend8GHz 4way Power DividerUtlra Wide Band Coupler360degree Phase Shifter180degree Phase ShifterRectangle WG TransitionRF/Microwave ComponentsWR15 to coaxial adapterWr28 to Coaxial AdapterWaveguide Phase ShifterWR-15 waveguide adapterWR90 Waveguide Straight8GHz 6way Power DividerPin Diode Switch Design90degree Waveguide BendGSM CDMA LTE 5G DiplexerMulti Rf Power CombinersAbsorptive Type SwitchesATM Waveguide CirculatorRf Frequency SynthesizerWaveguide To Sma Adapter2W Termination Microwave5G GSM LTE Power DividerGSM CDMA LTE 5G DuplexerXK Band Waveguide Filter50GHz Digital Attenuator20GHz Digital AttenuatorAll-outdoor Packet RadioFixed Coaxial AttenuatorAdjustable Rf Attenuatorpower divider microstripWR28 K waveguide adapter20Db Directional Coupler20-3000MHz Power Divider40GHz 8way Power DividerResistive Power Splitter90 Degree Hybrid CouplerDual Directional Coupler1GHz 3-Way Power DividerVariable Bandpass FilterLow Power Waveguide LoadHigh Power Rf Circulator7bits Digital Attenuator6bits Digital AttenuatorRf Switched Filter BanksUltra Wide Power Divider40GHz 4way Power DividerMirowave Fixed Attenuator40GHz 2-way Power DividerWaveguide Pressure WindowGSM CDMA LTE 5G Triplexer67GHz Directional Coupler40GHz Directional Coupler4 Ports Waveguide Coupler200W Waveguide AttenuatorWaveguide Coaxial CouplerFull-outdoor Packet RadioWR90 Waveguide AttenuatorWaveguide Bandpass Filter3 Ports Waveguide CouplerOutdoor Mobile Cell-sitesLowpass Highpass BandpassWaveguide Connection Bendbroadband low pass filter3G/LTE/WiMAX Base StationMicrowave Voltage LimiterHigh Power Rf TerminationCoaxial Cable Termination180 Degree Hybrid Coupler150MHz 4way Power Divider1.2G Waveguide CirculatorSmd Frequency SynthesizerWR112 6dB 30dB AttenuatorDirectional Coupler PriceHigh Power Waveguide LoadSmt Frequency SynthesizerVHF UHF Drop in CirculatorMicrowave Band Pass Filter9.75GHz Waveguide Isolator300W High Power CirculatorWaveguide Fixed AttenuatorWR650 Waveguide CirculatorEnd Launch Coaxial Adapter2-18GHz Digital AttenuatorWaveguide Termination LoadProgrammable Rf Attenuator18GHz 30dB Step AttenuatorVoltage Control AttenuatorRight Angle Impact Adapterpower divider in microwave2-8GHz Directional CouplerDigital Control AttenuatorDual Frequency SynthesizerWR112 Waveguide Attenuator18 to 40GHz Hybrid Coupler8bit Digital Phase ShifterHtcc Frequency SynthesizerAdjustable Bandpass Filter40 GHz Directional CouplerWR15 Waveguide TerminationReflective PIN Diode Switch6-18GHz Directional CouplerHigh Power Pin Diode SwitchStraight Waveguide SectionsWaveguide Medium Power Load2-18GHz Directional CouplerCoaxial Directional Coupler0.5-20GHz Reflective Switch180 Degree Stripline HybridBroad Band Pin Diode SwitchVoltage Variable AttenuatorDigital Variable AttenuatorBroadband 4way Power DividerCoaxial To Waveguide AdapterFrequency Synthesizer Modulehigh isolation power dividerBroadband 8way Power DividerUltra Wideband Power DividerHigh Reliability SynthesizerStraight Waveguide ComponentMicrowave Straight WaveguideLumped Element Power DividerWideband Directional CouplerWaveguide To Coaxial Adapter26.5-40GHz waveguide adatperMicrowave Digital Attenuator18-26.5GHz waveguied adapterResistive 4way Power DividerMicrowave Coaxial CirculatorWaveguide Variable AttenuatorVariable Waveguide Attenuator8 way wilkinson power dividerFixed Attenuator In MicrowaveSpread Spectrum Communication30dB Dual Directional Coupler2-way Resistive Power DividerWaveguide Directional CouplerVoltage Controlled AttenuatorTunable Frequency SynthesizerWaveguide Rf Coaxial IsolatorCustomized Microwave Isolator18GHz Resistive Power DividerCompact Frequency SynthesizerDigital Frequency SynthesizerBroadband Directional Coupler4-way Resistive Power Divider10dB 67GHz Directional Coupler2-way Resistive Power SplitterLumped Wilkinson Power DividerSMD HTCC Frequency SynthesizerMicrowave Waveguide CirculatorLow Frequency Microwave FilterWaveguide Manual RF Attenuator18GHz Dual Directional CouplerWaveguide Double Ridge AdapterHigh Power Variable Attenuator40GHz Dual Directional CouplerMicrowave Switched Filter Bankwaveguide 45degree Radius Bend0.5 to 18GHz Digital AttenuatorCoaxial To Waveguide TransitionHigh Power Waveguide AttenuatorWaveguide To Coaxial TransitionHigh Power Waveguide CirculatorCoaxial Connectors And Adapters2-8GHz Dual Ditectional CouplerMicrowave Frequency SynthesizerSmall Size Frequency SynthesizerLow Frequency Drop in CirculatorWaveguide Bi-Directional CouplerRectangular Waveguide TransitionHigh Direction Waveguide Coupler6-18GHz Dual Directional CouplerWR28 waveguide to coaxial adapterMicrowave Waveguide Rf CirculatorBroadband 90degree Hybrid CouplerWaveguide to Waveguide ConnectionWaveguide to Waveguide TransitionLow Spurious Frequency SynthesizerBroadband Dual Directional CouplerHigh Frequency Switching TransistorCustom Waveguide Variable AttenuatorSuspended Substrate Stripline FilterSuspended Stripline High Pass FiltersLow-Phase-Noise Frequency SynthesizerRectangular to Circular WG TransitionWaveguide Coaxial Directional CouplerMiniaturization Frequency SynthesizerMicrowave System Waveguide Circulator13.75 to 14.5GHz Waveguide Attenuator180degree Waveguide to Coaxial AdapterHigh-reliability Frequency SynthesizerSMA/N/2.92 Waveguide to Coaxial AdapterWaveguide Satellite Communication FilterWaveguide Double Ridge to Coaxial AdapterFixed And Variable Attenuator In MicrowaveEnd Launch Waveguide to Coaxial TransitionLow Power Consumption Frequency SynthesizerLow Pass Filter High Pass Filter Band Pass Filter

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