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Chengdu Zysen Technology Co., Ltd.

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Attenuator Coaxial/WG Fixed/Digital/Voltage

Termination Coaxial/WG

Power Dividers/Combiners

Coupler 0°/90°/180° Coaxial/WG

Filter bandpass/lowpass/highpass

Circulator Waveguide/Coaxial/Tab

Isolator Waveguide/Coaxial/Tab

PIN Diode Switch

Waveguide To Coaxial Adapter

Waveguide Connection Components

SMD Frequency Synthesizer

Power Limiter

Phase Shifter

Outdoor & Indoor Radio S

Products Keywords
H BendE BendCouplerRf Coupler3Db CouplerRf DuplexerRadius Bend2-8GHz 4wayRf IsolatorRf DiplexerRf Pin Diodenotch filterBest LimiterRf TriplexerCoaxial Load90Degree BendPower DividerRF GSM FilterRf Dummy LoadRf Attenuator4 Way DividerRf WaveguidesRf CirculatorRf TerminationPlug in filter90 Degree BendRf Filter BankSma Dummy LoadSynthesizer RfWaveguide LoadPower DividersHybrid CouplerLow pass filterTwist WaveguideRf SynthesizersRf Power SwitchVoltage LimiterPower Combiners8way Pin Switchbandstop filterCoaxial CouplerWR137 N adapterBandpass FilterRf Power DividerMini SynthesizerAll Outdoor UnitH Bend WaveguideCoaxial IsolatorBest SynthesizerHigh Pass Filter3GHz RF IsolatorDrop In IsolatorIsolator Coaxial5G Radio OutdoorPin Diode SwitchE Bend WaveguideRf Phase Shifter14dBm RF Limiter100MHz LC filterCoaxial DuplexerFixed AttenuatorRf Power LimiterRf Coaxial Switch3 Way Rf SplitterHigh Power Switch8 Way Rf Splitter10W RF AttenuatorWR42 to K afapterWR137 SMA adapterRf Hybrid CouplerMedium Power LoadRf Power CombinerDiplexer Duplexer90 Hybrid Coupler40GHz 4way Switch360 Phase ShifterRf Power SplitterMicrowave Couplervhf power dividerWaveguide AdaptorDiplexer CombinerLC plug in filterSynthesizer PriceWaveguide CouplerRF Power CombinersVoltage Attenuator3Db Hybrid Coupler6Bit Phase Shifter180 Degree CouplerCrossguide CouplerRf Low Pass Filterlc bandpass filter8Bit Phase Shifter27GHz 2way Divider4way Power DividerResistive Combiner18GHz Dual CouplerResistive SplitterOnline SynthesizerAttenuator CoaxialDigital Attenuator10W Waveguide Load6way Power Dividerband reject filterCoaxial CirculatorDrop In CirculatorIsolator WaveguideEnd Launch AdapterRf Coaxial AdapterStraight WaveguideMicrowave DuplexerTriplexer CombinerSwitch Filter BankE H Waveguide BendWaveguide DiplexerPin Diode Switches1MHz Power DividerMicrowave Isolator14dBm Power Limiter8 Way Power Divider2W Fixed Attenuator3 Way Power Divider2-way power dividerAbsorptive SwitchesRf High Pass FilterCross Guide Coupler10dBm Power LimiterRf Band Pass FilterHigh Power IsolatorRf Bandpass FiltersLc Band Pass FilterRf Passive CombinerRf Load TerminationMicrowave Triplexer4 Way Power DividerWR15 Waveguide Load2 Way Power DividerSMA Highpass Filter18GHz Switch Filterpower divider priceCoaxial TerminationWaveguide Isolators5 way power divider4-way power dividerReflective SwitchesRf Fixed AttenuatorCoaxial AttenuatorsWR90 Waveguide Load3G/4G Base StationsMicrowave Pin DiodeFM CMDA 5G IsolatorVariable AttenuatorPin Diode Rf Switch5 Bit Phase ShifterTermination Coaxial2-8GHz Power DviderWR28 Waveguide LoadDouble Ridge AdapteWR650 Wg Circulator40GHz Cavity Filter4way Power SplitterBroad Band DuplexerWR75 Waveguide Load40GHz Phase Shifter12Way Power DividerSPDT SP3T SP4T SP8tRight Angle Adapter3-Way Power Divider18GHz Power DividerModular SynthesizerRF Coaxial IsolatorMicrowave Waveguide5G Microwave FilterRF Coaxial Duplexer18G low pass filterSSS Low Pass Filter16Way Power Divider90degree Miter Bend27GHz 2way Splitter40GHz Power DividerTransition Waveguide12 Way Power DividerMicrowave Attenuator30dB Step AttenuatorRf Circulator DesignWR28 to 2.92 AdapterFlex Twist WaveguideMiter Bend Waveguide3-Way power splitterBend Rigid WaveguideWaveguide ComponentsWaveguide Twist Bend8way Power CombinersLumped Power DividerSwitched Filter Bank90degree Radius BendHigh Power Rf SwitchWaveguide TransitionWaveguide CirculatorMicrowave Circulator3GHz Low Pass FilterWideband SynthesizerIP Data Transmissionlow frequency filterWaveguide Attenuator2-8GHz Power Divider16 Way Power Divider40GHz Power SplitterWaveguide Dummy LoadLow Band Pass Filter18GHz Hybrid CouplerRf Splitter CombinerWideband 4way SwitchMicrowave RF Limiter45degree Radius Bend2 Way Power SplitterRf Waveguide IsolatorRF Wilkinson SplitterRf Coaxial CirculatorFrequency Synthesizer90 Degree Radius BendSP8T Pin Diode Switch90MHz bandpass filterSwitched Filter Banks45 Degree Bend RadiusWaveguide Radius Bend40GHz SP8T Pin Switch8Bit RF Phase Shifter10GHz Highpass FilterDigital Phase ShifterRf Isolator WaveguideHigh Frequency SwitchDiplexer And DuplexerMicrowave Rf SwitchesBi Diectional CouplerRF Microwave Duplexer20GHz Step Attenuator20 GHz Hybrid CouplerWide Band SP2T SwitchHigh Power Attenuator13GHz Highpass FilterSP4T Pin Diode SwitchDigital Rf AttenuatorTwo Way Power DividerPower Divider SplitterWideband Power Divider100MHz bandpass filterWideband Phase ShifterReflective SP4T SwitchRf Directional CouplerHigh Power Rf CombinerAbsorptive Rf SwitchesUltra Wide Band Hybrid150MHz bandpass filterPower Divider Combiner40gHz 180degree HybridWR42 waveguide adapterUltra Wide Band SwitchDC-18GHz Power DividerCavity Bandpass FilterDC3GHz Low Pass FilterWR112 Fixed AttenuatorUltra Broadband Filter18GHz High Pass FilterCoax Connector AdapterMulti Band Pass FilterSMA N 2.92 TerminationVariable Rf AttenuatorMicrowave Rf IsolatorsWr28 Waveguide Adapterwaveguide WR15 adapterWaveguide To N Adapter10GHz High Pass FilterRf Circulator IsolatorWR15 to coaxial adapter8GHz 4way Power DividerRf Waveguide CirculatorNarrow Band Pass FilterRF/Microwave ComponentsTunable Bandpass FilterRF Microwave ComponentsMicrowave Power DividerWR-15 waveguide adapterResistive Power DividerWaveguide Phase Shifter2 8 16 Pin Diode SwitchCoaxial Bandpass Filter60dB Voltage AttenuatorWR90 Waveguide StraightDigital Step AttenuatorIsolator And CirculatorWaveguide Power DividerPin Diode Switch DesignCavity Band Pass FilterWaveguide Cross Couplerwaveguide 45degree Bend8GHz 6way Power DividerUtlra Wide Band Coupler1.2GHz High Pass Filter180degree Phase Shifter4-way Resistive Divider360degree Phase ShifterWr28 to Coaxial AdapterWilkinson Power DividerWR62 Waveguide IsolatorMillimeter Wave CouplerLumped Element Combiner90degree Waveguide BendWR90 Waveguide IsolatorRectangle WG TransitionC Band Waveguide FilterWR137 waveguide adpater20GHz Digital AttenuatorGSM CDMA LTE 5G DiplexerFixed Coaxial AttenuatorGSM CDMA LTE 5G DuplexerXK Band Waveguide FilterUltra Wide Power DividerResistive Power SplitterATM Waveguide Circulator50GHz Digital AttenuatorRf Switched Filter BanksAbsorptive Type SwitchesWaveguide To Sma Adapter7bits Digital AttenuatorMulti Rf Power Combiners40GHz 8way Power DividerDual Directional Coupler5G GSM LTE Power Dividerpower divider microstripWR28 K waveguide adapterVariable Bandpass Filter6bits Digital AttenuatorRf Frequency Synthesizer1GHz 3-Way Power DividerAll-outdoor Packet Radio2W Termination Microwave90 Degree Hybrid Coupler20Db Directional Coupler40GHz 4way Power DividerHigh Power Rf Circulator20-3000MHz Power DividerLow Power Waveguide LoadAdjustable Rf AttenuatorDirectional Coupler Pricebroadband low pass filter4 Ports Waveguide Coupler3 Ports Waveguide Coupler200W Waveguide AttenuatorWaveguide Connection Bend180 Degree Hybrid Coupler150MHz 4way Power DividerWaveguide Pressure WindowWR112 6dB 30dB Attenuator3G/LTE/WiMAX Base StationWaveguide Coaxial CouplerSmt Frequency SynthesizerCoaxial Cable TerminationMirowave Fixed Attenuator40GHz Directional CouplerMicrowave Voltage LimiterWR90 Waveguide Attenuator67GHz Directional CouplerGSM CDMA LTE 5G TriplexerOutdoor Mobile Cell-sitesSmd Frequency SynthesizerWaveguide Bandpass FilterFull-outdoor Packet RadioLowpass Highpass BandpassHigh Power Rf Termination40GHz 2-way Power DividerHigh Power Waveguide Load1.2G Waveguide Circulator2-18GHz Digital Attenuator18GHz 30dB Step Attenuator8bit Digital Phase ShifterAdjustable Bandpass FilterVoltage Control Attenuatorpower divider in microwaveHtcc Frequency SynthesizerMicrowave Band Pass FilterVHF UHF Drop in CirculatorWaveguide Termination Load18 to 40GHz Hybrid CouplerDual Frequency Synthesizer300W High Power CirculatorWR112 Waveguide AttenuatorProgrammable Rf Attenuator2-8GHz Directional CouplerRight Angle Impact AdapterWaveguide Fixed AttenuatorDigital Control AttenuatorWR650 Waveguide Circulator40 GHz Directional Coupler9.75GHz Waveguide IsolatorWR15 Waveguide TerminationEnd Launch Coaxial AdapterStraight Waveguide Sections6-18GHz Directional CouplerDigital Variable AttenuatorCoaxial Directional CouplerVoltage Variable Attenuator180 Degree Stripline HybridReflective PIN Diode SwitchWaveguide Medium Power Load0.5-20GHz Reflective SwitchBroad Band Pin Diode Switch2-18GHz Directional CouplerHigh Power Pin Diode SwitchUltra Wideband Power DividerMicrowave Straight WaveguideStraight Waveguide ComponentMicrowave Coaxial CirculatorFrequency Synthesizer ModuleMicrowave Digital AttenuatorCoaxial To Waveguide AdapterLumped Element Power Dividerhigh isolation power dividerBroadband 4way Power DividerBroadband 8way Power DividerWaveguide To Coaxial AdapterResistive 4way Power DividerHigh Reliability Synthesizer18-26.5GHz waveguied adapterWideband Directional Coupler26.5-40GHz waveguide adatperCompact Frequency Synthesizer18GHz Resistive Power Divider4-way Resistive Power DividerWaveguide Rf Coaxial IsolatorTunable Frequency SynthesizerDigital Frequency SynthesizerSpread Spectrum CommunicationCustomized Microwave IsolatorWaveguide Variable AttenuatorBroadband Directional CouplerFixed Attenuator In MicrowaveVoltage Controlled Attenuator2-way Resistive Power DividerWaveguide Directional CouplerVariable Waveguide Attenuator8 way wilkinson power divider30dB Dual Directional CouplerMicrowave Switched Filter BankSMD HTCC Frequency SynthesizerWaveguide Double Ridge AdapterHigh Power Variable AttenuatorLumped Wilkinson Power Divider40GHz Dual Directional Coupler10dB 67GHz Directional CouplerWaveguide Manual RF Attenuator2-way Resistive Power Splitterwaveguide 45degree Radius Bend18GHz Dual Directional CouplerMicrowave Waveguide CirculatorLow Frequency Microwave FilterCoaxial To Waveguide TransitionHigh Power Waveguide CirculatorCoaxial Connectors And Adapters2-8GHz Dual Ditectional Coupler0.5 to 18GHz Digital AttenuatorWaveguide To Coaxial TransitionMicrowave Frequency SynthesizerHigh Power Waveguide AttenuatorLow Frequency Drop in CirculatorHigh Direction Waveguide Coupler6-18GHz Dual Directional CouplerWaveguide Bi-Directional CouplerSmall Size Frequency SynthesizerRectangular Waveguide TransitionMicrowave Waveguide Rf CirculatorWaveguide to Waveguide ConnectionWR28 waveguide to coaxial adapterWaveguide to Waveguide TransitionBroadband 90degree Hybrid CouplerLow Spurious Frequency SynthesizerBroadband Dual Directional CouplerHigh Frequency Switching TransistorCustom Waveguide Variable AttenuatorSuspended Substrate Stripline FilterMicrowave System Waveguide CirculatorRectangular to Circular WG TransitionSuspended Stripline High Pass FiltersWaveguide Coaxial Directional CouplerMiniaturization Frequency Synthesizer13.75 to 14.5GHz Waveguide AttenuatorLow-Phase-Noise Frequency SynthesizerHigh-reliability Frequency Synthesizer180degree Waveguide to Coaxial AdapterSMA/N/2.92 Waveguide to Coaxial AdapterWaveguide Satellite Communication FilterWaveguide Double Ridge to Coaxial AdapterFixed And Variable Attenuator In MicrowaveEnd Launch Waveguide to Coaxial TransitionLow Power Consumption Frequency SynthesizerLow Pass Filter High Pass Filter Band Pass Filter

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